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The Timber Croc is Irish designed and manufactured.

Being chainsaw users ourselves the idea for the Timber Croc came about through an awareness of the horrific dangers and accidents associated with log cutting. We wanted to design and manufacture a product that would not only eliminate many of these dangers but also make it easy and efficient to use. The Timber Croc can securely and automatically hold most shapes, sizes, lengths and weights of timber, planks, posts and pallets. It does away with the dangerous practice of another person holding the log or putting a foot on the log, an accident waiting to happen; or any straps, chains or manual “holding devices”.

The Timber Croc is a heavy duty log holder and capable of holding anything one person can physically lift into it automatically adjusting to any diameter log from 1”-11”. (We do not recommend lifting anything heavier than 20 kg) its unique “multiple independent plated teeth” design holds the log securely in place during the cutting process. There is sufficient room underneath to place a barrow or garden cart to catch the logs as they fall through. So there is no “double jobbing” or back ache picking the cut logs off the ground and leaves the working area clear and safe.

We do not recommend lifting anything heavier than 20 kg