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Timber Croc
Self Adjusting Log Holder

Where is the Timber Croc made?

The Timber Croc is designed and manufactured in Grange, Enfield, Co Meath, Ireland and is a family run business.

When the log is in the Timber Croc Log Holder will it move left to right while being cut with a chainsaw?

No it will not move laterally or spin. Due to the downward pressure created when cutting timber with your chainsaw. The bottom teeth of the croc and plated top teeth which span over the top of the log holds it in a secure position when cutting.

What weight of log will the Timber Croc Log Holder hold?

The Timber Croc will hold whatever one person is physically able to lift. Although we don’t recommend lifting anything over 20kg.

What weight is the Timber Croc Log Holder?

The Timber Croc Log Holder weighs 20kg which is over twice the weight of other log holding products in the marketplace. Due to our plated multiple teeth system (patented) and use of high quality steel it is longer lasting and extra strong.

What makes the Timber Croc Log Holder better than other log holders on the market?

In our opinion it is better than all other products as there are no chains, clamps or any adjustments needed with the Timber Croc Log Holder. It’s been designed to allow the user to work at hip height so the user in never in a stooped position. Due to its plated teeth system (patented) this makes adjusting the log a one hand motion which is not a feature of any other log holder.

Why is the Timber Croc Log Holder more expensive than other products in the market and is it worth the money?

We believe that yes it is worth the money, our Timber Croc Log Holder has a multiple plated teeth (patented) system. It’s over twice the weight of other log holders. The Timber Croc Log Holder holds logs safely and securely while being cut and our product will last a lifetime when properly maintained.

Will the Timber Croc hold crooked timber?

Yes, it will hold crooked timber of various lengths and sizes.

Will the Timber Croc hold planks and pallets?

Yes, the Timber Croc Log will safely and securely hold planks and pallets of varying sizes and weights.

Can you point a paling post with the Timber Croc?

Yes, you can safely point a post in the croc and thanks to its safety mechanism this eliminates all the dangers of trying to point a post on the ground.

Can you get a wheel barrow under the Timber Croc?

Yes, you can place a wheel barrow or garden cart under the Timber Croc which saves the back ache of having to pick up the cut logs/timber from the ground while also maintaining a clean and safe work area. In fact the front bucket of a loader / tractor can be situated under the Timber Croc also.

Does the Timber Croc Log Holder fold flat?

Yes, it conveniently folds flat for ease of transport and storage.

How long will a Timber Croc last?

The Timber Croc will last a life time. This is due to the high quality build of the product in our factory in Ireland and when used properly and stored in a safe and dry environment.

How long will it take for my Timber Croc to be delivered?

Ireland              1-2 Working days
UK                     3-5 Working days
Europe              5-7 Working days
Rest of World  10-12 Working days

(Due to Covid restrictions normal delivery times may take longer)

What’s the difference between the Timber Croc 3 Point Linkage Category 1 and Category 2 products?

The Timber Croc 3 Point linkage Category 2 is a heavy duty industrial log holder which can lift a whole tree if required. Our Timber Croc 3 Point Linkage Category One is more suitable for smaller jobs which has a capacity to hold timber up to 150kg.

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