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Timber Croc & Husqvarna Safety Kit


The Best Investment You Will Make All Year.

  • Fully Self Adjusting Log Holder
  • Perfect working height saves backache
  • Holds timber from 1-12 inches in diameter – even pallets
  • Heavy duty and easily transported at only 20kg

Special offer requires discount code. To get your discount code, see our advert in the Farmer’s Journal and Facebook.

One Size Fits All


This special offer is up for today only.

The timber crocs is fully self-adjusting, no need for any bolts or clamps to hold your timber in place.

The Patented Multiple Teeth Design allows you to hold timber from 1-12 inches in diameter with complete ease. You can also hold anything round our square like pallets and planks.

Heavy-Duty Design allows you to hold logs up to 200KG in weight.

Eliminates the danger to hands and feet that you would normally face with a traditional sawhorse allowing you to cut your timber in a safe and responsible way.

The perfect working height allows you to cut timber for longer without straining your lower back

Timber croc has enough clearance for a small cart to be wheel underneath and catch the timber as your cutting. Saving you from you bending over and picking up from the floor

FOR TODAY ONLY get the TImber Croc and Husqvarna Safety Kit for just €300