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I ordered the Timber-croc

On eBay in late September 2021. The manufacturers use DHL to ship the product from Ireland via the UK, to my home in central Canada, a process that took less than three days after the relevant import duty charge.

Assembly took less than 20 mins and after completion I took the device to my log storage area for a try out.

I think the best I can say is, that it does what it’s designed to do, how it’s designed to do it! It holds the logs at a convenient height and they don’t fall out. I inserted logs of varying diameters ranging from 2-12” in fact, whatever would fit through the frame which holds the hanging “fingers” – it took them all. It’s a simple well made and well thought out design that simply works! I’ve had more complex devices in the past which didn’t come anywhere near this product.

If I have any suggestions for improvement, it would be to extend the length of the floor rectangular frame, by say another 12”, and switch the vertical frame support arms to the rear of the vertical frame. In this way the metal support arms would be in tension, rather than compression, and increase the weight bearing capacity of the vertical frame.

Otherwise it’s great, I have no hesitation in recommending Timber-croc to anyone. I cut and split around 5 cords each year. This years are already done but I think cutting next years supply will be safer and easier with this product.

I actually find this product great and so simple, frankly I don’t think you’ll have a hard time selling them here.
As for companies who might wish to promote and sell your product then I’d say,
Peavey Mart. They’re a Canadian company operating in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. While it’s not quite nationwide it’s not so far off. Essential they bill themselves under the  Farm & Ranch Retail banner. They also have stores in the USA. They’re on Facebook and have online sales. I know the USA store was selling log splitters, ride on mowers and the like. Our local store in Brandon MB has some of this type of thing, but it’s been a while since I was in there due to covid of course.
Canada is renowned for going to the “cottage”, wooden homes built around the lake or in the park. Everyone seems to have a fire pit, which means logs of course. Most small towns have some kind of fair or celebration day where people go to sell stuff, like Timber-croc. Here in Brandon we have our famous Winter Fair & Ag Days (agriculture days) and the exhibition halls are full of vendors selling stuff. Timber-croc would do well I think. It’s really just a question of finding out when these things are held, which shouldn’t be difficult.
Anyway, hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of further help