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Timber Croc
Self Adjusting Log Holder


Best piece of kit I’ve bought . Made the job so much safer, quicker & easier. I cut a lot of small stuff that I’d normally left as not worth the hassle. Easy to move, use and store , I’d recommend it to anyone . Also , the customer service I received was spot on. 


It’s a fantastically well engineered piece of equipment, which does the job exactly as advertised. It made the job much easier & safer. I can’t recommend it highly enough and I only wish I boought it sooner. Congrats guys on a great Irish Product.


Have my Timber Croc 5 years now & it’s genuinely the best piece of kit I’ve ever bought for the garden. It is sturdy as anything and the increase in safety & speed around cutting logs is incalculable in my opinion. Highly recommend. 


Can only echo other positive comments. Very well made , safe , sturdy bit of kit. Customer service also excellent. Highly recommend. 

Steven Skelton

I can vouch for this product 100% makes logging easier on the back that’s for sure was sceptical at first but it really does grip the timber very well one of the best tools I’ve ever bought had mine 6 months even got a free hat and gloves smile


Anybody who cuts timber regularly , this is a brilliant product. It’s so easy to use and you can cut so many pieces without having to fasten it down , gravity does the work. 

A. Johnston

I have been cutting my own firewood for years by using limbed trees, a chainsaw and a traditional tree horse. A year’s firewood would have taken several days cutting unaccompanied whilst using the tree horse. My neighbour loaned me his timber croc and I am simply amazed by how quick, pleasurable and safe it is to cut logs. These have to be seen or used to be believed. This is not a gimmick! It really works! I have no connection to Glebe Fabrications or any other interest in giving a good review, except for sharing my experience of what is one of the best inventions in log cutting since the chainsaw. If you are pondering about the price or Timber Crocs reliability, don’t. Buy one and I promise you will not be disappointed. Well done Timbercroc, I have no doubt your creation will be a massive international success.

John Selwyn-Smith

Just over a year ago, at the Spring Fair in Birmingham, I purchased a Timber Croc from your stand. You convinced me it is GOOD. I cut a lot of logs every year and I must say I was a little sceptical.

I used it a lot at the end of last year and I must say, I was amazed how well it worked for me. I congratulate you on its design and simplicity. Please carry on bringing new products like this into the market. I will buy again.

I can also add that I have since looked at other models which are a bit cheaper than yours but they all looked inferior to yours, so the extra cost for yours is worth every single penny.

Yours is very versatile, quick and secure – fantastic design.

Colin Jones

I bought a timber croc from you at the North Cornwall Show ground, just a quick line to say it’s excellent, the best tool I’ve bought for ages.

L. Weller

Watched video of croc being used and was amazed; amazed that his chainsaw started first time and actually kept running when he put it down. Have bought an electric one. Seriously though, have had a croc for some time and just used it for the first time. May I say what a simple excellent product, well pleased, thank you.


The Timber Croc is a beast. If you cut timber it’s a must have. An incredible piece of engineering , every piece of Timber I put into it’s jaws , it handles it. Impressive. 100% recommend.

Eddie Magill

Great bit of kit , very stable , safe and defiantly saves your back. Got a free hat & axe , delivery was very quick, highly recommend.


Excellent tool for cutting logs. Well worth the money and handy to use. Good sturdy job. 

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